Curriculum Vitae

Tucker Sharon
7817 SE Ellis St.
Portland OR 97206

The University of British Columbia   Vancouver, BC, Canada
Doctor of Philosophy; Dissertation completed
Program: History
Thesis: “Extractive Visions: Envisioning Road Colonization in Peru’s Age of Development”
Exam Fields:  
Latin America,
Committee Members: Dr. William French and Dr. Alejandra Bronfman
Environmental History and Political Ecology
Committee Members: Dr. Juanita Sundberg and Dr. Tina Loo

The University of British Columbia   Vancouver, BC, Canada
Doctor of Philosophy; completed coursework and qualifying exams
Program: Hispanic Studies

The University of British Columbia   Vancouver, BC, Canada
Master of Arts, October 2007
Program: Hispanic Studies, GPA: 3.9
Thesis: “Understanding Phenomena: the Rewriting of History and its Use in Juan Tomás Ávila Laurel”

Humboldt State University   Arcata, CA
Bachelor of Arts, May 2003
Majors: Spanish, GPA: 3.7; Journalism, GPA: 3.3
Senior Thesis, Spanish: “Las tribulaciones de Unamuno: el individuo dentro de una sociedad de caballería”
Senior Thesis, Journalism: “Arms, Men and Money in Côte d’Ivoire”

Universidad Complutense de Madrid   Madrid, Spain
Completion of the one-year Reunidas Program, May 2001

UBC Faculty of Arts Graduate Award (2008-2015)
UBC Four-Year Fellowships Award for PhD Students (2012-2014)
Bottom Billion Fieldwork Fund-Liu Institute for Global Issues (2013)
UBC Department of History Graduate Research and Writing Fellowship (2010, 2011)
Margaret A. Ormsby Memorial Scholarship (2010)
Latin American Studies Association Travel Award (2010)
UBC University Graduate Fellowship (2008-2010)
Tina and Morris Wagner Foundation Fellowship (2008)
UBC PhD Tuition Fee Award (2008-2013)
UBC Faculty of Graduate Studies Graduate Entrance Scholarship (2005, 2008, 2009)
UBC Department of French, Hispanic and Italian Studies Department Scholarship, (2005, 2008, 2009)    
California Intercollegiate Press Association, First Place for best magazine news article awarded for “All That Lima Will Allow,” Osprey Magazine, 2003
HSU Journalism Department Scholarship (2002)

Grillo Arbulu, María Teresa and Tucker Sharon. “Peru's Amazonian Imaginary: Marginality, Territory and National Integration.” In Environment and Citizenship in Latin America: Nature, Subjects and Struggles, Ed. Alex Latta and Hannah Wittman. New York: Berghahn Books, 2012.

Sharon, Tucker. “Preparados para el despegue: aviación y desarrollo en el Valle del Huallaga en Perú. 1948-1987.” istor, journal of the Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas (CIDE), Mexico, 2017.

“Dveloping Cocaine: Environmental Epistemologies of Peru’s Huallaga Valley and the Cocaine Crisis 1963-1985” Latin American Studies Association Annual Congress, Lima, May 2017.

“To Build a Road in Unfamiliar Terrain: How Sky and Silver Remade Peru’s Amazon.” American Society for Environmental History Annual Conference, Seattle, April, 2016.

“Blind Spots in the Road Builder’s Bible: An Epistemology of Development in the Peruvian Amazon.” Transplanting Modernity: An NSF-sponsored workshop, Georgetown University, June 2015.

“The Future Fetish and the Mack Truck: How Time Shaped Landscapes and Bulldozers Became Monuments in Developmentalist Peru.” Latin American Studies Association Annual Congress. May 2014.

“Blind Spots in the Road Builder’s Bible: Nature’s Role in the Construction of Peru’s Marginal Highway.” Conference on Latin American History. Washington, D.C. January 2014.

“Roadblocks and Ravaged Landscapes: the Epistemic Disobedience of Social Protest in Peru.” Latin American Studies Association Annual Congress. San Francisco. May 2012.

"(De)Constructing Margins: Road Colonization and Peripheral Citizenship in the Peruvian Amazon." Latin American Studies Association Annual Congress. Toronto. October 2010.

“Geography Based Representation and a Lonely Traveler’s Narcissistic Musings: How Knowledge Becomes Power in the Chronicles of Manuel Iradier.” Between Three Continents: Rethinking Equatorial Guinea on the 40th Anniversary of its Independence from Spain, International Conference. Hofstra University, New York, April 2009.

“In the Service of a Fool: Reinserting History’s Absurdity in Juan Tomás Ávila Laurel.” The Palimpsest of Memory and the Recycling of Language, UC Santa Barbara, Feb. 2008.

“La desaparición de una identidad indígena como base de la nación en la flash fiction de Carlos Zavaleta.” Beyond Imagining Nation, University of British Columbia, Oct. 2007.

“A Conversation on the Postcolonial Home: Divergent Constructions of ‘Home’ in the Work of Ahmadou Kourouma and Juan Tomás Ávila Laurel.” Envisioning Home, City University of New York, Nov. 2006.

Solo Exhibition, The Labour of Altered Landscapes, The Liu Institute for Global Issues Lobby Gallery, Vancouver, BC, 2012.

LA321, PNCA: Social Ecology of Latin America, 3 credits
HIST 451, UBC: Family and Community in Latin America, 3 credits
(TA) HIST 250c, UBC: Latin American History, 6 credits
SPAN 101, UBC: Beginners’ Spanish I, 3 credits
SPAN 102, UBC: Beginners’ Spanish II, 3 credits
SB317, AISF: Spanish Language and Culture, 4 credits

Field Seasons:

2013: Lima and San Martin, Peru; Liu Institute Bottom Billion Fieldwork Fund
2012: Lima, Junin, Huanuco and Ucayali, Peru: Financed by teaching online
2011: Lima and San Martin, Peru: UBC History Research and Writing Fellowship
2009: Lima, Amazonas and San Martin, Peru: UBC University Graduate Fellowship

Archival Research:
Mexico: Archivo Histórico Municipal "Manuel R. Palacios" de Oaxaca

Peru: Archivo General de la Nación (AGN)
Biblioteca Nacional del Perú (BNP), Sala de Investigaciones and Hemeroteca
Instituto Riva Agüero
Servicio Aerofotográfico Nacional del Perú (SAN)
Fondo de Cooperación para el Desarrollo Social (FONCODES), Archivo Central
Centro de Estudios Histórico Militares, Biblioteca
Ministerio de Transportes y Comunicaciones, Archivo Central, Lima
Ministerio de Transportes y Comunicaciones, San Martín
Archivo Provincial de San Martín
Biblioteca Municipal de Tarapoto, San Martín
Corte Superior de Justicia de San Martín
Corte Superior de Justicia de Huánuco
Corte Superior de Justicia de Junín
Corte Superior de Justicia de Junín, La Merced
Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, Biblioteca
Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina, Biblioteca
Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería, Biblioteca
Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Biblioteca
Universidad Nacional Agraria de la Selva, Tingo María, Biblioteca

Spain: Museo de América, Colección de América Precolombina

United States: Boise State University, Albertsons Library Special Collections
University of California Berkeley, Newspapers & Microforms Library

August 2015-Present, Assistant Professor
Pacific Northwest College of Art   Portland, OR
PNCA is a small, fine arts and design college based in Portland, Oregon. I teach topics in Latin American history, political ecology and visual studies as a member of the college’s Department of Liberal Arts.
—Lesson planning            
—Course planning, curriculum development
February 2013-December 2014, Researcher    
Dr. Emily Engel, College of Mount Saint Vincent   New York, NY
Formerly of the Herron School of Art and Design, Art Historian Emily Engel studies the role of portraiture in late-colonial Peruvian politics and society. I have been working closely with her on projects involving the South American independence leader, Simón Bolívar, and late-colonial urbanism.
—Historiographical research
—Collection of digitized primary sources
—Production of a portraiture database

September 2011-August 2012, Distance Education Instructor
UBC Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology   Vancouver, BC
CTLT implements all aspects of distance learning course administration,
delivery and maintenance, course scheduling, and instructor appointments at UBC. Through CTLT I was contracted to teach History 451: Family and Community in Latin America for three terms.
—Overseeing teleconference discussions
—Online discussion moderation
—Course planning and implementation    

September 2010-May 2011, Teaching Assistant
UBC Department of History   Vancouver, BC
In the Department of History teaching assistants work together with faculty to implement undergraduate courses. Together with my dissertation advisor, Dr. William French, I taught HIST 250c, a year-long survey course on colonial and republican Latin American history.
—Discussion sessions (3 weekly)            
—Coordination of course planning, curriculum and implementation

July 2010, Co-Coordinator    
North American Mobility Workshop   Oaxaca, Mexico
Part of a FIPSE-funded program on mobility, society and governance in North America, the North American Mobility Workshop brings together students from the United States, Canada and Mexico (University of Notre Dame, Harvard University, University of British Columbia, Université de Montréal, El Colegio de México) in an intensive one-week workshop. I assisted my PhD supervisor, Dr. William French, in running the program’s 2010 Oaxaca workshop.
—Coordinating student travel plans
—Helping arrange home-stays
—Event coordination
—Lecture / leading in-class activities        

September 2008-May 2009; September 2005-May 2007, Teaching Assistant
UBC Department of French, Hispanic and Italian Studies   Vancouver, BC
In the FHIS department teaching assistants are assigned their own introductory level language courses and are expected to fully assume all teaching duties that may entail. I taught Spanish 101 and 102.
—Lecture / leading in-class activities
—Lesson planning
—Coordination with other instructors on curricula planning
March 2008-September 2008, Part-Time Faculty
The Art Institute of California   San Francisco, CA
An accredited art school offering programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. I taught SB317, Spanish Language and Culture, a combination of language instruction and Latin American History, in the Liberal Studies Department.
—Lecture / leading in-class activities
—Lesson planning
—Curriculum planning    
January 2003-May 2003, Cultural Reporter
Osprey Magazine   Arcata, CA
A full-color, student-run magazine with circulation of near 18,000.
—Editing, fact checking and proofreading stories
—Contributing to overall magazine layout

September 2002-December 2002, Political Editor
Osprey Magazine   Arcata, CA
A full-color, student-run magazine with circulation of near 18,000.
—Editing, fact checking and proofreading stories
—Contributing to overall magazine layout
—Reporting on foreign issues

August 2011-May 2012    
The Vancouver Latin American Studies Workshop Series   Vancouver, BC
—Co-coordinated the launch of this annual workshop series hosted by the Liu Institute for Global Issues and supported by the programs in Latin American Studies at the University of British Columbia and Simon Frasier University. This includes fundraising, advertising; launch of a workshop Web site and other logistics.

September 2008-May 2009; August 2006-September 2007    
UBC’s Postcolonial Research Cluster Organizer   Vancouver, BC
—Assumed all tasks related to the Cluster’s functioning, including fundraising, events coordination, booking of guest speakers and reproduction and distribution of texts.

November 2008
Faculty Search Committee Graduate Representative   Vancouver, BC
—Sat on the committee to fill the position in peninsular languages and literature for the Golden Age, which included reviewing dossiers, conducting interviews, attending research presentations and candidate dinners, as well as consulting with graduate students about the candidates.    

April 2008-August 2008
IAP Arts and Media Intern   San Francisco, CA
—Contributed to the organization of the Video Advocacy Workshop in Chiang Mai, Thailand, by researching video case studies and screening applicants. The International Accountability Project is a non-profit that works to halt development-induced forced displacement through project advocacy, popular education, arts and media and by monitoring international finance institutions.

February 2007-October 2007            
Conference Organizing Committee Member   Vancouver, BC
—Actively participated in the planning and execution of the Canadian
Association for Latin American and Caribbean Studies-funded Beyond Imagining Nation conference, held at The University of British Columbia on October 19 and 20, 2007.
February 2005-August 2005            
Earth Island Journal Intern   San Francisco, CA
—Wrote, edited and managed content for the full-color quarterly journal of the Earth Island Institute and its Web site.

Investigador Asociado at the Instituto del Bién Común, Lima, 2012
Liu Scholar at the Liu Institute for Global Issues, 2011-2016
Member of the Latin American Studies Association
Member of the American Society for Environmental History
Member of the American Historical Association

Bilingual (English and Spanish) with working knowledge of French and Italian, Black Board, Web CT, Vista, HTML, XHTML, CSS, some PHP, Drupal CMS, Mambo CMS, darkroom and Photoshop / Lightroom proficient, In Design, Illustrator, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access.             
Countries traveled to include; Andorra, Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Côte d’Ivoire, Ecuador, France, Ghana, Islamic Republic of Mauritania, Italy, Mexico, Morocco, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Senegal, Spain, United Kingdom, Uruguay, Venezuela.